We are an experience driven design consultancy.

Road to Zero Exhibition

We maximise strategic insights to create immersive environments.

Australian Music Vaut Exhibition

“Those who are not immersed, cannot immerse others.”
– E2.

Let’s not shy away from the challenge at hand. Online advancement has resulted in the decline of real life experiences.

We’re exercising our fingertips more, and our feet less. This evolving landscape poses an opportunity. Craft inventive tangible interactions that are unobtainable online, or risk becoming irrelevant.

The Solution: Human Centred Design.

It’s about understanding the needs and wants of the consumer. Immersing ourselves in their lives to foster an inherent connection. Opportunity. Design. Implementation.


Next generation of consumer interaction.

Immersive. Strategic. Extraordinary.

Songlines Exhibition

Flexible activations that produce real results.

All backed by proven data and consumer insight strategies.

SunCorp Experience Strategy and Branch Design

Results start with a conversation.

Getting to know you and your challenges during a collaborative hour. Interested in a one hour design audit conversation, contact us today.

ANZ Wealth and Grow Centres

We’re optimistic, curious, informed, and collaborative. We watch, listen, and feed our appetite for imaginative problem solving.

It’s the connection when a brand just gets it.

Undeniable relationship fuelled by deep empathy, endless possibility, and aspiration. Culminated into an innovative solution that E2 brings to life.

CBraille Lighting Experience

Environments that plunge our senses into excitement.

Cultivating ideas, emotion, and memories, that become ingrained within the human consciousness. Brief moments of engagement transformed into relationships between consumer and brand.

Sculptures By the Sea

We analyse your business, market, and consumers.

Designs supported by strategy. Specifically made for your consumer.

Lush Retail Experience

Which environment would you take to the next level?

Interested in getting E2 to have a 1hour design meeting with you? let our expert answer any question you have. If this sounds interesting please Contact Us