OPSM Eye Hub experiential retail store design


Redefining eye care worldwide

The brief: to reinvigorate the optical eyewear category by creating the first ever experiential eye care store in Australia and change the way people buy eyewear through the use of compelling interactive components.

e2 team spent months in client audit and brand strategy, researching the OPSM customer – what they wanted to see, hear, smell, feel and even taste. Addressing both the consumers’ needs and desires, incorporating educative elements and using a calming interior colour and finishes palette, the customer journey directly influenced the store layout, its design elements and the technology employed.
The design challenged the conventional healthcare model by providing a customer journey unlike any other. With diagnostic optometry, eye education, fashion sunglasses, spectacles and eye care under one roof, the concept store design has enabled the brand to provide a leading offer in its field.
OPSM Eye Hub’s design enabled store sales to exceed targets within the first quarter and double targets for the first year. Equally important was the consequent transformation of Luxottica’s core business and their current recognition for setting the standard for retail environments worldwide.
The OPSM Eye Hub was the first and only store of its kind in Australia. It spearheaded a movement towards customer-centric retail environments and set a global standard for commercial interior design. The Eye Hub exemplifies innovation not only in its use of technology but also in the store layout, staff service and strategy behind the finished product.

The OPSM Eye Hub has won eight prestigious awards in both Australia and the Asia Pacific, and has been heralded as the “Future of Retail” by media globally since the July 2010 launch. The design has been featured in publications such as Ad Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Skills: Experience, Retail
Client: OPSM