Brand Identity & Communications

    One of the most valuable assets a business has is its brand. We create brands and communications that ensure a business is recognised for what it truly stands for, and engages its audience with a unique personality and set of values.

    Our services include brand strategy, naming, identity creation, and guidelines as well as brand communications across various print, digital, and environmental mediums.

    The essence of a brand, its values, personality, and positioning need to be clearly defined and expressed to anyone who comes in contact with it, either internally or externally. Our strategy team researches, analyses, and workshops all aspects of an organisations brand to ensure its relevance, differentiation, and future proof qualities are established.

    Having the right name that connects with customers and creates strong recognition is an essential part of brand strategy. Through customer and competitor analysis we create names that give distinction in a market and add value to the business.

    A brand identity is far more than a logo. It consists of a system of logos, colours, imagery, typography, and graphic style that portrays a business, reflects the brand essence, and creates differentiation from competitors. We create or refresh identities that achieve this and combined with the correct tone of voice, provide an identifiable visual language for the brand to express itself. We also produce comprehensive brand guidelines, an essential tool both internally and externally for users to understand, create consistency and protect the integrity of the brand.

    We create brand communications that effectively engage specific audiences, convey clear messages and represent the brand accurately. Be it internal or consumer communications, across print, digital or physical environments, we produce highly creative solutions and ensure a seamless brand experience across a multiple touch points.