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How e2 turned data into a lifestyle choice

The brief: to differentiate and drive sales and adoption of Indonesian data services in addition to voice plans and handsets through engaging customers with an aspirational mobile lifestyle.

Fuelled by a rapidly expanding middle class, consumer-spending patterns in Indonesia continue to develop toward increasingly sophisticated lifestyle needs. With more money to spend, the Indonesian consumer is constantly looking for a more sophisticated shopping experience, which they want share through emerging and social media channels.
In its drive to be the leading Indonesian mobile operator in a highly competitive and heavily commoditised market, XL needed to differentiate its offer to drive sales and adoption of data services in addition to voice plans and handsets. Data is a hard sell with little perceived differentiation between services beyond price. To engage the customer beyond the numbers e2 created a new sub-brand, XL XPLOR to focus the customer on how mobile network services can enhance their lifestyles.
The XL XPLOR experience centre enables customers to explore, touch, learn and share their experience within their social networks. By mapping customer behaviour, e2 developed customer journeys through a series of behavioural zones ranging from informative and consultation-based through to interactive digital and physical touch-points.
Within the spaces, e2 integrated five experience pods. The pods are large enough to accommodate groups of friends for a shared experience and have been designed around specific themes, such as gaming, movies, digital photography, shopping or sports. Content within the pods is displayed through mobile handsets, tablets, “surface” tables, interactive wall-mounted screens and projections.
The first ever experience centre opened in June 2012 and footfall traffic has increased to 16,000 per month – a huge increase compared to the average of 500 per month in service stores prior the launch.
The XL XPLOR experience centre has set a new benchmark for retail telco experiences in Southeast Asia and influenced telco retailers across the globe. It has redefined the way that Indonesians shop for mobile services and further centres will be rolled out throughout Jakarta.

Skills: Experience, Retail
Client: XL Xplor