Suncorp experience strategy and branch design

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Creating big bank capability and small bank connection

The brief: to articulate Suncorp’s unique selling proposition and build a unique customer experience strategy and branch design to support the bank’s growth aspirations in new markets and improve sales and service outlets in existing markets.

When Suncorp came to e2 it was stuck in a deadly middle ground – the big banks were beating it on being big and the small banks, on being small. With a clear business goal of 1% market growth Suncorp needed to identify and create a competitive differentiation somewhere in between.
An initial audit soon revealed that consumers have difficulty differentiating between Suncorp Insurance and Suncorp Bank. Staff were limited in their physical interactions with customers by a traditional branch layout and the consumer was being bombarded with multiple and disconnected pockets of information. With both banking and insurance under its belt Suncorp has a lot to offer the consumer but with no clear customer journey or experience.
e2 employed a strong strategic process focusing on removing physical and visual barriers to stimulate interaction and conversation between customers and staff. We explored clean materiality and environmental cues, focusing on creating an environment that was strikingly different to current competitors.
The design allows all key services to radiate from a central zone. New technologies were employed to provide a seamless customer journey, with the ability to manage simple and complex customer needs whilst maintaining a personal level of engagement. Suncorp’s new brand identity and branch design offers a genuine alternative to the majors and underscores its aim to provide ‘big Bank capability and small bank connection’.

Skills: Retail
Client: Suncorp