Rebel Active Bar

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The ‘active bar’, Rebel’s redeveloped in-store fitness technology counter. An engaging zone empowering the customer to choose and experience fashionable and wearable fitness technology.

The brief: to develop an inviting, interactive, and experience-driven fitness technology counter. An in-store, stand alone and mobile piece of joinery. A self-exploring zone promoting fitness technology to leave behind the outdated and disparate counters and display tables spread through their retail spaces.

Part of the Super Retail Group, Rebel offers a wide range of the latest release, quality, branded sporting and leisure goods. With an extensive list of product categories for the casual and serious fitness enthusiast, Rebel’s range includes fitness equipment, sports equipment, apparel, and associated accessories for both the casual enthusiast and serious competitor. Rebel started from humble beginnings as a single store in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown in 1985. Since that time, it has grown to become an extensive network of more than 91 stores located in every state and territory in Australia with the exception of the Northern Territory & Tasmania.
Rebel is now Australia’s leading sporting and leisure goods retailer offering customers an incomparable range of the biggest brands and latest products. Rebel has a genuine passion for a healthy lifestyle and providing customers with what they need. Their culture is based on delivering outstanding customer focused products and services as driven by their core values.
e2 studied the current context of fitness and sport in Australia and globally, and how technology is changing the way we play the game. Technology is now supporting and promoting ‘results driven’ fitness. Quickly making the transition from leisure to fat burning exercise, fitness technology wearables are personal trainers in your pocket, technology that motivates and measures your every move. During our research phase it quickly became clear that the customer experience in the current environment is often sterile and transactional. People want to feel in control of their own fitness – a sense of choice and empowerment are crucial. Through ideation and customer journey mapping a new zoning strategy was developed to fundamentally shift the drab in-store experience from transactional to experiential. An attractive and engaging zone where consumers can learn, interact, decide and transact. An experience!

Skills: Branding, Retail
Client: Rebel