R.M Williams Brand Environment

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A considered and agile modernization of an Iconic Australian brand’s retail environment

The brief: to enhance the perception of the R.M Williams brand and entice new customers through the retail experience.

Born in the Australian Outback, R.M Williams creates beautiful, sustainable and purposefully designed product to wear on life’s adventures. Unashamedly built for the bush, R.M Williams is the stuff of Australian legend.

E2 was engaged to create a new retail environment to leverage the unique brand and its iconic product. The new design intent was to forge an authentic connection with a globally considered modern consumer while respecting the rich heritage of the R.M Williams brand. The core message of the design was ‘inspired by the past, relevant to the future’ which was evident and crucial to the design; it became the bridge between the new and old customer and was articulated as a subtle synthesis in the design.

The goal was to develop a premium store experience that was scalable across several different store formats. A flexible, responsive concept and extensive analysis of the customer journey and engagement was administered to inform the design. Inspiration was drawn from RM’s surviving relationship with the Australian outback. Iconic elements such as the red weathered earth, rusted coppery roofs and the humble wooden trusses of the sheering sheds were referenced in the design showcasing the cornerstone of the R.M Williams brand.

Melbourne Design Awards Gold Winner: Interior Design – Retail

Melbourne Design Awards

Skills: Experience, Retail
Client: R.M Williams