QT Mutual Bank Branch Design

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Breaking down the barriers in banking

The brief: to present a transformed QT Mutual Bank branch that attracts a wider demographic with a contemporary customer experience, placing emphasis on both personalised solutions and efficient services.

In October 2011 Queensland Teachers Credit Union rebranded to QT Mutual Bank following the Federal Government’s new banking reform. The move was designed to pave the way to compete with the big four banks. QT Mutual Bank realised its future success depended on strengthening its current offer through the evolution of the branch network, encompassing greater automation technologies and refining its sales and service culture.
QT Mutual Bank has a rich heritage of member-ownership and loyal customers so a sensitive approach was needed to demonstrate the financial strength and security of a conventional bank, whilst maintaining the key attributes of a credit union.
To bring the repositioning to life within the physical, customer-facing environment, e2 created an open, personalised customer journey centered around a hub which draws customers in and where they’re greeted face-to-face by staff.
Traditional counters and barriers were removed and open counters introduced to encourage a sense of mutual consultation, a relaxed atmosphere and a seamless experience. Self-service and automated technologies were also introduced to create a seamless experience that tips its hat to QTMB’s rich heritage and loyal customer base, whilst also appealing to a younger demographic that desires self-service, smarter ways to bank and a clear vision of their financial future.

Skills: Retail
Client: QT Mutual Bank