Lonely Planet’s global marketing campaign

Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Lonely Planet

40 years of amazing experiences

The brief: to develop a major marketing campaign to celebrate Lonely Planet’s 40th anniversary and convey they are more relevant than ever.

Anyone who has ever packed a backpack will have leafed through a Lonely Planet guide to help them see and experience as much as possible on their travels. But Lonely Planet is much more than just a travel publisher and they wanted to use their anniversary to encourage and inspire future travel and deeper relations with the brand across multiple platforms. The campaign needed to speak to Lonely Planet’s two consumer markets – the retail stakeholder and the traveller.
The result was a dynamic advertising campaign that captured the heart and soul of the brand, in an idea that encouraged consumers to celebrate personal travel experiences with Lonely Planet from over the past 40 years. Entrants were encouraged to submit their travel stories online, with the opportunity to create their own customised t-shirt and enter a draw to win $10K travel money. Supported by a guerilla execution using travel stories as content, and in-store through branded communications, a colourful and measureable narrative evolved across the retail network and in above the line channels.
Over 600 retailers participated in the promotion in Australia, and more than 200 retailers in NZ. The campaign was so successful it was picked up and rolled out by Lonely Planet International offices in Asia and the United States.

Winner of the Melbourne Design Awards 2013

Skills: Branding