Jaggad brand revitalisation and repositioning

Jagged Jagged Jagged Jaggad Jaggad

Turning intention to action…

The brief: to revitalise and reposition the Jaggad brand as a grass roots movement for the cycling/tri-athlete community, turning intention to action through beautifully executed lifestyle products and experiences.

Jaggad is a cycling and triathlon brand originally established in 2004. Historically, the company developed technical and semi-technical apparel for keen amateur and semi-pro athletes whose specific sports needs had previously been unmet.
In the years since, the performance sport category has grown exponentially and Jaggad needed to differentiate its offer in an increasingly cluttered market with a rapidly diversifying consumer base.
e2 designed a set of ideation exercises to uncover the aspirations for the Jaggad brand, and develop a comprehensive profile for the target customer. The competitive set focus on ‘performance’ which is the outcome of the hard work and perseverance required to achieve your personal best and compete. Jaggad’s authenticity and driving attitude that ‘we’ll be there to support, but it’s up to you’, instead focuses on the hard work that goes into the athletic passion. Differentiation through product and experience design would come through ensuring that customers have a firm foundation to train and destinations to celebrate achievement together on and offline.
The new brand essence ‘hardworking by design’ is at the heart of Jaggad’s new minimalist identity, setting it apart from a cluttered and busy performance wear aesthetic. The Jaggad signature is now complemented by a flexible ‘eight-stripe’ device which brings the brand to life in the smallest details through to graphic statements on each garment. To support Jaggad as an ‘experience destination’ the tagline ‘Life Athletic’ encapsulates the ambitious and aspirational lifestyle of the target customer and has gone onto become a recognised social media hash-tag.

Skills: Branding
Client: Jaggad