BlackBerry retail design

Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry Blackberry

An environmental extension of a much loved brand

The brief: to design a retail approach to resonate with all customer segments and ensure brand consistency across various countries and cultures, with a vision for global rollout and provision for temporary environments.

Indonesia’s communications retail experience is largely made up of grey markets – high density markets set up in buildings selling everything associated with telco brands and products and a high percentage of copy products. Blackberry wanted to shift sales to authorised product from the grey market, which was about 80 per cent of sales. To help with this transition, e2 designed a range of store formats, covering everything from flagships to kiosks, right down to a trade stand.
After intensive client audit and brand strategy, e2 developed a concept that incorporated live product display, testing areas, digital activations, and a fresh materials palette with multicoloured illumination.
e2′s design provided different spaces within the store where people can wait for the service, sit and enjoy the store, and play with products.
The design embraces an element of hospitality with a large lounge, café and bar. Customers can also interact with live handsets and PlayBooks (tablet) within the store and see how all the BlackBerry products can work together with the BlackBerry presenter and stereo gateway. They can also play games on the PlayBook and have that broadcast to a large format screen in the gaming zone. Finally the service lab brings a bit of theatre to the experience with a glass-walled repair zone behind the point of sale allowing customers to see into the repairs workshop and watch staff in white lab coats make repairs on the spot.
The store was then extended through the design of a trade show stand that could introduce the brand’s repositioning within a temporary space. Looking at consumer needs, the stand design was developed for three primary journeys relating to price, service and experience. The use of LCD screens allowed the brand to highlight messaging about apps and application as well as data stream graphics that brought to life the brand’s ‘Passion Play’ positioning.
The first BlackBerry by Jaymart lifestyle store opened in Siam Paragon in central Bangkok, Thailand to a queue of hundreds of people, many who began lining up early that morning, eagerly awaiting the official launch.

Skills: Branding, Retail
Client: Blackberry