Awards Season

Throughout the year, e2 has completed quite a number of projects that have resulted in fantastic feedback, great exposure and an increase in experience for the whole team.

Sydney Design Awards


Amber, Fiona and Alex attended the Sydney Design Awards at the Beresford in Surry Hills on Wednesday night and went home with a trophy! e2's recent project Questacon Technology Learning Centre in Canberra..

POPAI Awards

Hard work pays off!

Last week e2 took home a Gold and Bronze award for two of our projects that were completed this year. 

Lonely Planet was entered into the Retail & Marketing Communications Campaign and won Gold for our exhibition stand ...

e2 Sydney's Creative Day 'Design vs Style'

Design vs Style. This is not a new topic or debate, it’s something we’ve wrestled with since the industrial revolution and even more so today with the world being hit by media in all forms, from TV/Radio, magazines and social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram on design. But, is it really design, or rather is it style? How do you differentiate the two?

Creative Mornings - Urbanism

CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative individuals around the world. A fantastic organisation led by volunteers who are passionate and excited by all things creative. Naturally, e2 were beyond excited when our Creative Director, Alex Ritchie was asked to be a guest speaker and give a talk on Urbanism, the global theme this month. Alex took the floor at the new shared-workspace...

Retail World - August 2013

Most retailers when embarking on the design of a new retail footprint will brief a design agency on the tangible things that matter to them, the physical lease space, brand colour palette, customer profile, product offer and staff operational needs. 

Awards, Awards, Awards

e2's MD Robbie Robertson has been conferred the “Brand Leadership Award” at the 4th CMO Asia Awards. The Brand Leadership Award is conferred on "Outstanding Professionals who have the vision, flair, acumen and professionalism to demonstrate excellent leadership and management skills in an organisation, making changes and achieving results"...

Talent 100 launches new Hurstville flagship site

Recently e2 attended the launch night for the new Talent 100 Flagship Centre, where the doors were officially opened. Richard Chua, founder of Talent 100 engaged e2 to develop the strategic positioning and brand architecture for the educational centre.

The new Hurstville site has received great feedback from both the staff but also the key participators, the students using the space. 

e2 Melbourne at GSPF 2013

e2 Melbourne are shedding light on a global issue: Energy Poverty. Globally, 1.5 billion people live without electricity making every day tasks an impossible struggle outside daylight hours.

Questacon Technology Learning Centre opens to the public

Inspired by the maker movement, e2 & Built have been working towards the Grand Opening of Questacon Technology Learning Centre (QTLC) over the last two years. The QTLC opened for the public on 27th June 2013 inclusive of a range of public exhibition and activity spaces to showcase Australian innovation and technology. Amber and Alex from e2 Sydney’s creative team attended the official opening and had the pleasure of meeting special guest, The Hon Don Farrell, Minister for Science and Research...

Bangkok Design Culture

Bangkok is often coined as a chaotic hub in which backpackers and businessman collide in a frenzied image of travel and trade. Scratch the surface however, and you’ll soon discover that Thailand’s capital is fast becoming a creative hub in South East Asia and earning its place as a leading design location for the growing ASEAN commerce.

e2 Sydney’s 'Omni-Channel Challenge'

16 brand audits, across 4 industries, by 20 staff, in 1 day. e2’s Directors, Designers, Strategists and Client Managers went on an undercover audit to experience the omni-channel path to purchase in Sydney.

e2 at TEDxSydney

In collaboration with Stephen Kearney, One Minute Media and TEDx’s very own Marque Owen, e2 created a short film that was selected and shown at TEDxSydney on Saturday, 4th May.

Take a break for a minute and check it out!

A Glimpse Into The Future Of Retail — The Experiential Retail Precinct

The development of omni-channel retailing and increasing rental costs are two significant factors that have been shaping bricks and mortar retail. Retailers are responding in very exciting ways, creating out of town, large format retail experiences with a strong curatorial emphasis that offer consumers a unique range of experiences and brands. Already acknowledging that the shopper will ultimately purchase through a range of available channels, bricks and mortar has to offer a less transactional, more experiential retail environment. We are seeing the emergence of the ‘Experiential Retail Precinct’.

The Name Game

Creating a new brand name or refreshing an existing one can be a complex and daunting exercise. Here’s a few simple pointers on getting it right – before you’ve printed those 5000 business cards…

A Creative Morning: e2 Melbourne

It's all too easy to forget what fantastic history and ideas are right on your door step. This probably has as much to do with the distractions of busy day-to-day life as it does with the fact that the familiar sometimes disappears without pause for thought. It was with this in mind that the Melbourne e2 creative team ventured into the city to poke our noses into the new RMIT Academic building and the very old State Library of Victoria. 

The Democratisation of Luxury Brands

The luxury industry is at the heart of what retail is meant to be. It’s the benchmark for building rich, aspirational worlds through service, in-store environments, and campaign visuals. But as aspiration is redefined and luxury goods become more accessible, what will it cost an industry that’s founded on being exclusive?

Beyond The Five Senses

Experience designers have long talked about the visceral influence of the five basic senses and their ability to impact a customer’s brand perception. The general rule of thumb: the more immersive the experience, the more lasting the impression. But did you know there is a second set of senses we all share?

The Colour Blind Experience

In a world full of colour, the science behind colour psychology has proven what we see often relates back to emotions and past experiences. This is used within the world of marketing to evoke particular feelings and reactions when consumers interact directly or indirectly with a brand. 

2013: From Omni-Channel to Experience

The year 2012 went down as the year of omni-channel strategy. Nearly every brief we received last year included an objective to implement an omni-channel strategy. The challenge with most retailers was that they were still thinking in terms of multi-channel strategies. What’s the difference and why was this a challenge?

Sculptures by the Sea

Creative Director, Alex Ritchie, was chosen amongst the best designers and artists around the world to be included in this years Sculptures by the Sea exhibition.

XL Xplor Opens in Jakarta

Described as a ‘game changer’ in South East Asia’s retail telecommunications sector, the new XL Experience Centre is a flexible experiential space offering customers a tangible, educational and entertaining experience in which to showcase the possibilities available with a good data service.