We’re optimistic, curious, informed and collaborative.
We watch, listen and feed our appetite for finding more imaginative ways to solve problems.
We embrace a collective sense of achievement and believe in sharing success.
Our view is global and our inspiration comes from many places, people and interactions.

Alex Ritchie

Alex Ritchie

Group Managing Director & Creative Director

Alex is the Creative Director and co-founder of award winning design agency, e2. He brings more than 27 years international experience in Architecture, Experience Design and Branding. He is a highly experienced and respected brand designer who has worked across Europe, America and Australia for over 23 years.
He has designed and managed the development of major retail, environmental, exhibition and brand experience projects, from master planning and concepts through to full completion.

e2 Melbourne Experiential Environments Andrew Scott-Young

Andrew Scott-Young

Design Director

Andrew has been designing experiential environments for cultural, corporate and retails client for over 20 years. He is restlessly creative and always exploring innovative techniques to engage with customers in today’s increasingly complex environment. Andrew is an experienced leader of creative design teams, managing complex projects from inception through to completion. Andrew places great emphasis on developing good client relationships and has a detailed understanding and appreciation in particular for projects where connection with the customer really matters.

e2 Melbourne Experiential Environments Julian Marocchini

Julian Marocchini

Senior Client & Project Manager

Julian brings to e2 his knowledge and experience in industrial design, ICT and manufacturing industries. His expertise lies in project management and forging strong business and client relationships.
Julian consults closely with each client to ensure accurate and timely delivery of work that meets client expectations. His wealth of industry experience is supported by mature process, a methodical approach and client collaboration.

e2 Website Sasha Wicker

Sasha Wicker

Studio & Finance Manager

Sasha joined e2 with 10 years of experience in both the retail and hospitality industries.
She brings a varied ‘jack of all trades’ expertise to e2 as well as a unique insight into the back of house workings of these service industries. A true life-force here in our office, with her ability to keep things a little bit silly when we begin to take ourselves too seriously.

e2 Website Nina Read

Nina Read

Graphic Designer

Nina graduated in 2011 with first class honours in Visual Communication from Monash University. As part of her Honours research project she examined the effect technology has on small-press publishing. This cumulated in her launching independent magazine Fragmented, which she continues to work on in her spare time.
Nina brings her knowledge of branding, her sensitivity to typography and her experience as an in-house designer in the retail and hospitality industries to the e2 team.

Federico Fait e2 Experiential Environments

Federico Fait


Federico is an Italian born architect and designer. Inspired by his passion for design and motivation to discover new environments, he moved to Melbourne to face a new challenge.
Federico is involved in all facets of architectural design. His key interest is combining commercial needs with cutting edge design, creating quality spaces through strategic planning.